www.golfwales.biz interviews social media golf sensation Hannah Bowen PGA on an in-depth Q&A about her ambassador role within Wales Golf and her future career ambitions.

Q. Please give a brief description of your teaching/training role, including assistance for golf inclusion for all.

A: I am passionate about golf, and love sharing this passion with others by getting them involved in the game. I love playing and strive to get better at it every day. I have now been a professional golfer for 7 years. I am a member of the LET/LETAS, JRSeries, WPGA, PGA and Santander Tours and I continue to play and aspire to do my best at all the events I enter; but most importantly my goal is to have fun! I love playing and will continue to do so throughout my career as a professional golfer, I will never become a professional who does not play. I decided I wanted to be a professional golfer because of my love of playing golf; I also believe the only way to relate to the players I coach is to also be playing myself. I came 13th in the Ladies WPGA OOM 2019 and qualified for the Women’s LETAS International Challenge. I became a regular player on the Rose Ladies Series in 2020-2021 competing against European Golf Legends such as Laura Davies, Georgia Hall and Charley Hull. My best result is 35th position and I qualified for the final series event in 2020, and also made history as one of the 50 female professionals to compete at the first ladies professional event at St Georges. I and although I don’t believe that these inequalities will ever be fully resolved, I do hope to help change the future of Women’s golf. Even if it’s just by changing the view on female golfers by playing social events with members at my local golf club, or by showing my knowledge with my teaching and also through social media. Social Media has the power to change perception to a wider audience today, I am a conscientious person and have experience working as a golf assistant professional and head professional. I have expertise in golf shop administration and customer service and I have designed and managed coaching sessions, although my learning continues every day to improve myself as a PGA member.

As an Ambassador for the Golf Union of Wales working on ‘New to Golf’ schemes for Ladies, Girls and families to encourage new players. Some of my recent coaching clinics being, movie, Hawaii, and Grease themed.I have also completed 6 week coaching at 5 local schools including after school clubs and taken sessions with the local Girl Scouts; whilst being a recognized ambassador for the golf union of wales. I work as an ambassador of the Gloves Are On the Charity. I am excited for all the future work planned, with our recent projects being mental health and body positivity, looking at the #initiative and getting mental health in the school curriculum in Wales.We petitioned and won and the See Speak Save packages which are now being distributed into primary schools all over Wales, with the Hannah Bowen School of golf academy being introduced as part of this educational program. This will offer workshops and scholarships for budding golfers. Golf is a great way to improve mental health wellbeing and offer freedom to any child who takes part. I have coached as part of a team delivering street golf sessions to encourage youth to participate in golf during the Seniors Open at Royal Porthcawl, as well as at the Wales Golf Station at the recent Wales Open. I was selected by the Golf Union Wales as a club activator coach, so that I am able to deliver sessions to volunteers who want to increase the participation of golf in their golf clubs.

I have hosted golf days and work with corporate clients and charities such as The Lighthouse Construction Charity, Games Aid and BBC Children In Need; as a professional for European Golf Concierge pro-am and beat the pro events, and to date this year I have solely raised over £30,000. I have run TRI-Golf sessions at the Urdd (junior Eisteddfod) and EID (Muslim) events and a few sessions at local Youth clubs such as cubs and rainbows to encourage participation from all areas and cultures. I am a qualified inclusive golf coach, coaching in events for disability sport, blind golf and the Chinese Autistic Society in Swansea as well as a variety of inclusive coaching festivals. I love this work mainly because it challenges me and my coaching in how adaptable I have to be with each player, in every session I am learning. I love being able to connect with the players and offer them some freedom to enjoy and let loose, at the same time as learning a new skill and making friends. This work is incredibly important to encourage inclusivity and break down any barriers golf might have. I think my work is another way to push this change in the right direction and change the perceptions that golf is not a sport for everyone, when it can be. This work has inspired me to continue going, to never quit and to be grateful and blessed for the opportunities I am given. They aren’t out there for everyone so you have to grab them with both hands.

Q: What services do you offer for golfers:

A: – One-to-one golf lessons

– Group golf coaching

– Short and long game masterclasses

– Golf coaching holidays

– Weekend & after school group golf tuition for juniors

– School holiday golf camps.

Q: Who inspired you to become a golfer?

A: I wasn’t your typical golfer, I didn’t grow up in a wealthy area or have a golf playing family. So golf inspirations weren’t easy to come by. I would say that one of my inspirations would be Evelyn, one of the first lady golfers I ever met. She gave up her time without anything in return to help me and a few others learn to play and enjoy golf. I would definitely have to say my family inspired me to do anything I put my mind to. Without both my mam and day supporting me in the way they did, then I wouldn’t be a professional golfer today. My sisters also giving up their time and always encouraging me, my IOU list for them is ever-growing. I always wanted to be my own role model, to do something that made me happy, something I loved and golf was that for me. It still is, and I feel I achieved the golf when I qualified as a PGA Professional Golfer. I like to think I can now inspire others to follow their dreams.

Q: What gives you most pleasure in golf?

A: Golf offers plenty of valuable skills to take into day to day life.There are so many benefits to the game we play, both, health and social. PG. Woodhouse once said that the best way to learn about someone’s character is to pay golf with them and I do believe this to be true. Golf throws you into a social situation where you get paired with people from all walks of life with all different types of personalities and have to adapt and socialise. This prepares you for life encounters and I hope will get me through my life’s journey, where I want to continue to grow as a person, be an inspiration to other girls and get inspired by the other golfers. Golf could be one of the most inclusive sports in the world. We just have to let it be. Anyone can play, it’s self paced and the handicap system makes it possible for you to play with anyone with any ability. You don’t have to be naturally gifted at golf because you can learn it too. What practice you put into golf you can get out results.

Q: What are your future ambitions and goals?

A: My big goal is tour school to gain my full LET/LPGA tour cards and to become a presenter and broadcaster, while also continuing my work in the community and with charities as I do believe one small act of kindness always inspire another. I would love to make golf all inclusive because I know it is a sport that can be. I do believe that golf is a safe and fun environment. We constantly moan about what’s not out there for women in this sport, but there are so many clubs, brands and individuals doing what they can to make golf an inclusive sport.There are schemes being run all over the country for ladies to get into golf, cheap and affordable memberships and lessons also. I have had a fantastic social golf career meeting and playing with so many amazing Women and Men from around the world, as well as mental health benefits provided. I want to share this with the world. I believe we all will agree that we love this sport and want others to get involved.

I think purely the reputation of golf can put anyone off playing, so I want to change this. We are too quick to negatively slander golf for all the ways it hasn’t ‘modernised’ yet clubs and trying and we are moving in the right direction.

The plan is to make golf accessible and affordable for all.

Contact details:

T: 07943 289301

E: hannahbowenpga@gmail.com

Instagram: @hannahgolf96

Twitter: @hannahgolf96